Gah, we're so bad at this...

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So, it's been June since our last post.  I gotta catch you up.  We've been on an adventure here in Utah. Hopefully, we'll get better at blogging come spring.

Our 2nd trip to Montello, this time with some friends.  We miss you Mikal!

Our 3rd trip to Montello.  Bring out the tires.  Thanks to Ellen Goldsborough for letting us steal tires from their land.  Thanks to Curt too for the trailer and Preston for the constant support. 
We made a trip with Mikal to Bear Lake, absolutely beautiful!
Our first rodeo at Bear Lake in Idaho!

We've been exploring everything we can out here.  Don't wanna waste a minute!  We've been on amazing hikes and  drives and it is breathtaking!

We've made plenty of good friends already!

Twilight Series at the park downtown.  Got to see 2 of my favorites bands already!
Grizzly Bear and Empire of the Sun

And, we've already had visitors come and spend some time with us.  Jen's mom & Thomas and Amber!


We made it!!!

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So it's been a while since we posted on this blog. We have since sold our Airstream, packed up everything and moved to Salt Lake City! Jeremy already has two jobs, and I'm looking for one for me.  Wednesday will mark two weeks here for us (holy cow!).  We've already hit a couple trails, learned how the road systems work, and this past weekend we went to Montello! Here's part of an email I sent to my mom and dad about our weekend out:

So we just got home from our first trip to Montello! It was so many things. It was both beautiful and dirty, exciting and terrifying, full of big dreams and bigger failures.  For so long this place and property has been my "Richard Parker." (Life of Pi). It's been that big beautiful tiger that I'm stuck in the boat with, that both scares me to death yet keeps my spirit alive. We met some of the most wonderful people this weekend that I feel will be forever friends.  We were able to dream together, to plan together, and start experiencing how we can work together........ I can't wait for you to come out and visit with us so you can experience the charm of the town that refuses to die.... Maybe we should just wait until it's too cold for snakes to come out, because yes, I had a run in with one AGAIN this morning!

What is it with me and snakes?!? Since we've been out here I've had a run in with two.... And everyone else says "oh I never see them" or "it's super rare to see one"... Yeah I'm not buying that mess any more!  

Here's a brief snapshot of our first two weeks here:

First trail
Antelope Island
SLC from half way up The Living Room Trail
Jeremy at the top of The Living Room hike
Us at the salt flats on our way to Montello!
We're officially here! First stop, The Cowboy, of course!
The sunset from Preston's land
Me on our land!!! (Thanks for the pic, Jeremi!)
Jeremy & Preston desert shootin'
Super moon rise and a camp fire in Montello... Doesn't get much better :)

Dream Big,

New blog!

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We have started another blog specifically for the Airstream remodel and future travels.  Please follow it and check out the posts!  Thanks

Don't be mad Preston, I got a plan...

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So we found a vehicle to help us towing the Airstream and getting cross country.  The only catch...I had to trade the Jeep in to get the best deal.  :-/  I know what you're thinking Preston but here's the plan.  Once we are officially in Utah we will find a CJ to get and that'll make everything easier.  Here she is:

2006 GMC Yukon XL Denali 6.0l V8

Bye bye Carl, you will be missed.

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Well, surprise surprise. I edited my Craigslist ad for the black Jeep last night and marked it down $1000 for this weekend only cause I was filling generous and really wanting to hurry and sell it so we could keep the Airstream project going without pause. Had a guy call me while I was out in the airstream wanting to come check it out. He sounded very interested, especially in the price. After a drive and chat with me he handed me the money and I handed him the title. ::wipe hands:: One more big step towards our move. I'm so excited!!

Not wasting any time.

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The tear down was a lot easier than I thought.  These things are an amazing display of engineering.  Everything works together as a whole piece, making it stronger.  You can't hardly take out one piece without taking out the next...and the next...and the next.  BUT, it makes the job run smoother.

Jen had the fun duty of picking up all the fiberglass insulation I pulled down.    I think she meant to hold up just ONE finger...  I've never even seen this many wires on an old home!  I believe I will rip them all out and redo it the minimalist way.  :)

My bro-in-law helping me take off the old Coleman RV Air unit.  It was big, heavy, and putting a big dent in the roof.  I wanna find something more low profile.

Up next...finish the passenger side & bathroom tear down and begin pulling the subfloor.  Then begin spending all our money to put the thing back together!  :(  :)

Jeep #1 SOLD!!!

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Wow, well, the Airstream just got paid for.  The day after we buy it we sell Jen's white '94 Wrangler.  Now, to sell the black one and we'll be sitting pretty.  Now for a remembrance...

1972 Airstream Ambassador Land Yacht!!!

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Well, we talked about it and now we DID IT!  We found an Airstream within an hour and a half of us for CHEAP!  It's in pretty decent condition as well.  No MAJOR problems, simple cosmetic and upgrades.  Now we just have to sell these 2 Jeeps which we cleaned up and posted on craigslist this weekend.  Got a couple lookers already.  Then, we plan a trip to Atlanta to visit some friends and IKEA for upgrades.

Here's the game plan:  We got the Airstream, so we fix it up as quickly as possible and try to save up some money to survive for a few months around Salt Lake City and then get jobs to save some more.  We also need to find an inexpensive vehicle to pull it.  During that time, we'll gather supplies and make plans for Montello and obviously do some work on the land while we're out there.  The Airstream will be our home wherever we decide to land and we can drag it to Montello on weekends and what not.  We also plan to do quite a bit of traveling once we get out West.  We sorta understand how JT & Sandy felt when they won their 5th wheel on Ebay!  :) 

Long overdue update.

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Well, it's been awhile since our last post.  A lot of has happened since February.  To try and make a long story short...we both quit our jobs in Nashville and moved to West Tennessee (2-1/2 hours away) with my sister & bro-in-law to take over a small lunch truck restaurant that they started a year ago.  It's a big hit here in this small town and too much for them to do by themselves with their other businesses.  It's just a stepping stone for us but it helped us to detach ourselves from Nashville and everything keeping us there. Basically, the only things standing between us and Salt Lake City is the restaurant and selling 2 Jeeps.

We're still not sure what date we're going to leave for Utah but it's more real now than ever.  For us to take a leap in the direction we needed is a relief.  It's nice to be close to family here and it's nice that we'll get to spend a lot of time with them before we go but we are so anxious that it's hard to be happy anywhere BUT Montello.

It's been nice to see the direction Geoff & Ellen are headed as well.  That all seems so exciting and we're jealous!  Preston keeps getting to visit his land and the pictures that him and the Trevathans post all the time give us hope.

In the last week, Jen & I have discussed selling all 3 Jeeps, buying an Airstream to fix up and a truck that can haul it.  It's something we've talked about for years as a fun project towards minimalism.  We'll see what happens there.  It'll all depend on how little we can spend and how far we'd have to travel to pick one up.

I hope everyone hasn't forgotten about us!  We're still here and still there in our hearts.  The good news is, it's not simply an "idea" anymore, it's a reality that's just a matter of time.  Keep on keepin on Montello.

This is just a teaser.

The closer we get to moving, the more prepared we're trying to get.  I have begun building solar panels!  I bought my first 3 a week ago.  My plan is to perfect it and then start making how-to videos with more detail start to finish than I have been able to find on the internet.  There's lots of videos of soldering & building frames but not many that go all the way to the battery and further.  Go big or go home!