Gah, we're so bad at this...

Monday, November 25, 2013 6:14 PM Posted by Jeremy Creasy

So, it's been June since our last post.  I gotta catch you up.  We've been on an adventure here in Utah. Hopefully, we'll get better at blogging come spring.

Our 2nd trip to Montello, this time with some friends.  We miss you Mikal!

Our 3rd trip to Montello.  Bring out the tires.  Thanks to Ellen Goldsborough for letting us steal tires from their land.  Thanks to Curt too for the trailer and Preston for the constant support. 
We made a trip with Mikal to Bear Lake, absolutely beautiful!
Our first rodeo at Bear Lake in Idaho!

We've been exploring everything we can out here.  Don't wanna waste a minute!  We've been on amazing hikes and  drives and it is breathtaking!

We've made plenty of good friends already!

Twilight Series at the park downtown.  Got to see 2 of my favorites bands already!
Grizzly Bear and Empire of the Sun

And, we've already had visitors come and spend some time with us.  Jen's mom & Thomas and Amber!


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